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Voice TeachingJohn teaches with passion, the same way that he learned; for him, the only way to give or acquire knowledge. Add to this his vast experience in the industry, and the result is a teacher who is customarily analytical, sometimes critical, but always encouraging.

John can instruct you, not just in how to hone your cartoon skill-set, but to work towards perfecting your commercial and narrative voice talents as well. John moves at your pace and comfort level, with a program that is tailored to your individual needs and desires. You work. You question. You progress.

Voice TeachingUsually these lessons culminate in the production of a promotional demo. John is very particular, and will only record, edit and mix in reliable studios with top-notch engineers, to ensure that you’re happy with the end results – a personalized, professionally packaged tool designed for you to use to attract an agent, and work in the business.




I had always thought about doing a voice-over demo and my agent was telling me “you can’t get work without one” but it wasn’t until I met with John that I was convinced! His positive attitude and “take action” philosophy was all I needed to get me motivated. I knew that he would be an honest but encouraging teacher. His insight into the business and vast experience was worth every penny. There’s no point in spending money on a demo without working with an amazing teacher! We worked on acting, voice production, advertising techniques, energy dynamics and so much more. He got me to love my voice and know the value in it! Creating my demo was fun and stress-free. I am so proud of the work we did together and I already miss our coaching sessions!.
Daphne Moens, Actor
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John swept into our coaching full of extraordinary knowledge and a commitment to getting my demo right for me. He really focused on helping me promote what I do well through my demo, which is so important! Once we hit the studio, John and I had an absolute blast from beginning to end, making a demo that I was thrilled with (and my agent was too!) and that has been getting me auditions. John is an excellent coach, a great guy, and the money I spent on coaching with him is some of the best I’ve ever spent. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to step up their voice over skills.”
Blair Irwin, Actor
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He’s a brilliant voice director. I taught him everything he knows.”
Bailey Stocker, Actor/Daughter
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I cannot overstate the value of John Stocker’s magnificent coaching during my vocal lessons, and the subsequent production of my demo tapes. His talent to know exactly what he wants to hear on a demo tape saves both time and money in the recording studio, and the end result is a demo, which will differentiate your voice and create an audio file, which shows off your ultimate potential. I would highly recommend John Stocker to anyone who honestly wants to improve themselves and is willing to put in as much effort as John puts in to each fabulous session.”
Elizabeth Cameron, Actor
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Working with John is a dream. I have grown in my voice work exponentially, through our work together- and constantly recommend him without any hesitation to anyone wanting to work – or work MORE in the world of voice. I worked privately with John on both animated and commercial work, and over a few sessions not only built a demo, but fine-tuned parts of my performance that were previously missing. We knocked out my demo,… [and] my agent loved it so much, they used [it] on Voicebank and I had a major voice audition that very week. I booked my first major national voice campaign for KFC/Pepsi within a month. I booked my second national radio campaign for HBC ten days later… completely off my demo. There’s no way that when working with John Stocker you won’t become a better voice performer. It’s just impossible.”
Michael Lazarovitch, Actor.


John is not just a legendary voice talent, he’s an impassioned and inspiring vocal coach. Focusing on finding my unique voice and showing me the tools to bring challenging copy to life, he prepared me to tackle tough auditions with ease and paved the foundation for an exciting voice-over career. Thank you, John Stocker!”
Bill Coulter
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My demo is rock awesome and I am so happy with the final product! When you work with John, you work as a team. John was always very honest and to the point with his direction. Throughout our lessons I gained so much confidence, not only in my voice, but in my acting in general. I will always go back to John when I need assistance on future work! You rock!! So happy we got a chance to meet in life and work together! You’re a cool dude!”
Jennifer DeLucia
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After years of hearing: ‘You have a great voice, you must do a lot of voice-over work.’, but then having to admit that no, I’d never gotten a voice gig, I finally decided it was time to take some action if I was really serious about pursuing my dream of being a ‘voice-over guy’. In my very first lesson with John I figured out pretty quickly why I had never been successful at voice auditions. I didn’t know how to read. Thanks to a few months of work together, I was able to record a great demo, I’m now totally confident when I walk into voice auditions and I’ve already booked my first gig!”
Mark MacRae
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Hey John, Just wanted to share with you that my demo has been billed as a “major success” by Elaine. The casting agents are LOVING it! It’s only been ‘up’ for under a week and I’ve gotten 2 great auditions off it. THANK YOU!! Linda A. Palmieri”
Linda Palmieri
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John’s coaching is efficient and gets results. His experience and his ear allow him to offer constructive, incisive criticism and his direction is clear, concise, and insightful. I was on hold for an RBC spot two days after my agent got my new demo and booked another gig shortly after, which paid for my coaching sessions and the demo. His positive, cheerful attitude make working with him a pleasure. Oh, make sure you put the coffee on!”
Ivan Sherry
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