Bill Belisle Red Ketchup Sphere Animation
Leo Go Dog Go Netflix
Go Away, Unicorn! Dr. Wiggins Nelvana
The 3 Amigonauts Colonel Skillsworthy 9 Story
Squish Mr. Rotifer Cottonwood
Peg + Cat Einstein 9 Story
Shutterbugs Floyd the Fly Big Jump
Rob the Robot Mission Control Amberwood Productions
Franklin Mr. Owl Nelvana
Sidekick Mayor Swift Nelvana
Mia and Me Pan King March Entertainment
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Naga/King Zenoheld Nelvana
DiGata Defenders Ethos Nelvana
Monster Buster Club Bill Beattie Marathon Entertainment
Carl Squared Doc Wilson Portfolio Entertainment
Jo-Jo’s Circus Federico Froggini Cuppa Coffee
Faireez Higgledy Funbag
Jacob Two – Two Zaidy Sol / Cpl. Order Nelvana
The Secret World of Benjamin Bear Edgar Amberwood Productions
Mischief City Mr. Cube Shaftsbury Productions
Beyblade Mr. Tate Nelvana / Redshift
Mica Gabbro Espace Vert
Zoe Kezako The Park Keeper Sparks Entertainment
Lucky Luke Tom Dalton Espace Vert
Roboroach Toady / Skeeter Jennings Portfolio Entertainment
Jacques Cousteau’s Ocean Tales Walrus / Basil Vivatoon
Kaput & Zosky most incidental voices Tooncan / Futurikon
Mini-Man Agent Piti / Ant King Nelvana
Redwall Clogg / Abbott Mordalfus Nelvana
Belphegor Menardier Greenspace Productions
Tom & Vicky Grandad Itsy Bitsy Productions
Mona The Vampire Mayor Rosenbaum Cinar
The Avengers Ultron Interprod
Mythic Warriors Calais Nelvana
Anatole Pamplemousse Nelvana
Bad Dog Grandpa Cinegroup
Dong Kong Country Cutlass Nelvana
Kassai & Leuk Togum Lacewood
Blazing Dragons Burnevere / Evil Knight 2 Nelvana
X-Men Creed Interprod
The Real Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man DIC
The Never Ending Story Glukuk Nelvana
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Dr. Fessenden Galaxy Pictures/Nelvana
The Busy World of Richard Scarry Humperdink/Father Cat CINAR
Stunt Dawgs Fungus/Human DIC
Beetlejuice Mr. Monitor Nelvana
Dog City Bugsy Henson
Tin Tin Thompson Nelvana
Babar Basil Nelvana
Super Mario Brothers Toad/Mouser DIC
Care Bears Beastly Nelvana/C.B.C
Teddy Ruxpin Gimmick/Manfred Crawley’s
Dinosaucers Ankylo/Terrible Dactyl DIC

Guest Roles in Series (Selected)

Corn & Peg, Ghost Train (Virdulack Family), Topwing, Fugget About It, Ella the Elephant, Mike the Knight, Chuck and Friends, The Dating Guy, Metastax, Animated Bob & Doug McKenzie, Dex Hamilton, Perlie, World of Quest, Amazing Spies, What’s With Andy, Tripping the Rift, Monster Buster Club, Gofrette, Bellflower Bunnies, My Dad the Rockstar, Yam Roll, Time Warp Trio, DiGata Defenders, Tupu, Totally Spies, Rapido, The Three Pigs, Quads, Moville Mysteries, Hippo Tub Company, Martin Mystery, Medabots, Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse, Arthur, George Shrinks, Committed, Bob & Margaret, Wunch Punch, Turtle Island, Cyberchase, Sagwa, XduckX, Rotten Ralph, Hoze Houndz, Journey to the West: The Legends of the Monkey King, Flying Rhino Junior High, Little Lulu, Caillou, Flight Squad, Diabolik, Megababies, Jim Button, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Red Wall, Ned’s Newt, Sailor Moon, Little Bear, Rupert, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, Primetime Bedtime Stories, Pipi Longstocking, Little Shop of Horrors, Hammerman, Beetlejuice, Highlander, Droids, Free Willy, Starcom, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, My Pet Monster, Sonic, The Hedge Hog, Garbage Pail Kids, Madeline, Alf, X-Men, Clifford The Dog, Rupert The Bear, Maxie’s World, Chilly Beach.

TV Specials & Feature Films (Selected)

Gracie and Pedro, Pirate’s Passage, The Magic Hockey Skates, Spike Christmas, Dex Hamilton: Fire and Ice, Totally Spies: The Movie, Gene Fusion, The Legend of the Christmas Tree, Anne of Green Gables: The Movie, Children of Chelm, The Jar, Something From Nothing, Incredible Crash Dummies, The Rosie & Buddy Show, Value Tales, Babar, The Movie, Carebears in Wonderland, Soulmates, Barbie & The Rockers, BC’s Christmas, The Wizard of OZ, Madballs, Ali Baba, The Christmas Log.