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Voice Performing John StockerJohn has been a part of the Toronto entertainment scene for many years, working as a voice performer in commercials, narrations, radio drama, video games and his number one love, animation.

John has had recurring roles in dozens of series, as well as guest roles in hundreds of others.

There may not be more than a handful of dog, dragon or dinosaur cartoons ever made in which John has not been involved.

Voice Performing John StockerIn demand because of his flexibility and range, John’s delivery hits the mark each time, often in just one take. When time is money, that’s the kind of efficiency producers want and need. Because John is also a highly sought after voice director, he is able to use that perspective and body of practical knowledge and understanding whenever he performs. John’s intensity and attention to detail have led him into the midst of a distinguished and varied career to which the following resume will attest.


Performance Resume

Click here to see his Performance resume.


Voice demos:

John Stocker – Voice Demo #1


John Stocker – Voice Demo #2


John Stocker – Narration Demo

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