The Canary Rodeo FX
Squish Cottonwood Entertainment
Brave Bunnies Glowberry Books
Carl’s Car Wash Skyship Entertainment
Captain Monsterica Skyship Entertainment
Mr. Monkey: Monkey Mechanic Skyship Entertainment
ABC Pirates Skyship Entertaiment
The Great Northern Candy Drop Amberwood/C.B.C.
Ollie & Moon Cottonwood – demo
3 Amigonauts 9 Story – demo
Sonny And Sky 9 Story – demo
Welcome to Petopia Cottonwood Entertainment – demo
Shutterbugs Big Jump Productions
Fugget About It 9 Story
Ella the Elephant Disney/Freemantle/DHX (Cookie Jar)
The Magic Hockey Skates C.B.C./Amberwood
Papaya Bull (Pilot) 52 Animation Studio (Brazil)
Mike the Knight Nelvana
Redakai Spinmaster/Marathon
Dr. Dimensionpants (pilot) Cookie Jar
Rob the Robot Amberwood
Totally Spies Marathon
Chuck and Friends Nelvana
Zac and Penny (pilot) Real Image Canada
Microfriends (pilot) Marathon
Flack (pilot) Vox Populi
Totally Spies: The Movie Marathon
Amazing Spiez Marathon
DiGata Defenders Nelvana
Caillou Cookie Jar/Cinar
Monster Buster Club Marathon
Pandalian Nelvana
Beyblade Nelvana
Mona the Vampire Cinar
Medabots Nelvana
Zeroman (guest director) Amberwood
What It’s Like Being Alone The Orphanage Prods.
Martin Mystery Marathon
Sailor Moon DIC (Animation City)
Sailor Moon (3 featurettes) Pioneer
Timoon and the Narwhal UNICEF/Right Angle Prods.(Wales)
Video games Capybara/Atlus/Dreamcatcher/Nelvana/etc.