Voice Directing

As an experienced voice performer, John has a unique advantage as a voice director. Knowing what an actor might expect, experience, or fear in the record booth, allows him to empathize with any issues that may emerge. He applies this first-hand perspective to suit the directing requirements of the project.

John is equally at ease with directing dubbing projects, being fully accomplished in both the “three beep” and “rythmo-band” systems. He has, as well, coordinated many live action versioning sessions. Whether working with adults, teens, or children, John’s objective is to encourage commitment to and contextual understanding of the given script, resulting in an energetic and intelligent acting performance.

Voice Direction Resume

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“John shines with passion, professionalism and unfailing good humor – be it behind the mic or in the director’s chair – John approach[es] each project with a freshness and enthusiasm that extend[s] to all those around him. When John came on board, he immediately understood our creative and production requirements and was able to execute them on time and within budget. His immaculate attention to detail and scrupulous preparation for each record allowed each session to run smoothly – and, just as importantly, in the most positive of environments.

John’s clear and concise direction, along with an unvarying sensitivity towards and respect for each individual, allow him to work equally well with both ensemble and individual talent and ultimately, achieve the very best performance from each actor. He recognized the value of working face to face with the talent – illustrating not only his flawless professionalism, but also someone who is wholeheartedly passionate about what he does – someone who is prepared to go the extra length to make sure the result is no less than perfect. His understanding of both client and actor needs and the best way to achieve them is something that is appreciated, admired and respected.

It has been a joy for me to work with not just a professional and prepared voice director/actor but also a lovely man with a warm, generous nature and a fantastic sense of humor. I have the highest regard for Mr. John Stocker and have no hesitation recommending him for any project. In short – always willing, always able, and always with a smile.”
– Jennifer McCann, Producer, Marathon Entertainment.

“Mr. Stocker was brought in to replace another Voice Director on our series. It was an extremely detailed animated voice project with a huge cast. Mr. Stocker took a bad working environment and made it a thoroughly rewarding one for both the actors and the producers, and in doing so demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead a project and turn it around by respecting his team. Mr. Stocker also handled the detailed breakdown and scheduling process that is required for this magnitude of a cast with evident acumen, due to his extensive experience in the field. He worked tirelessly around the clock when it was required, in order to get the production done on schedule. If an exceptional Voice Director and Voice Actor… is what you are looking for, consider your search complete. Everyone who works with Mr. Stocker finds the experience tremendously positive and expertly handled. It is my belief that Voice Directing is truly Mr. Stocker’s calling and passion, and he brings his joy for this work to every project he undertakes.”
– Dee Shipley, Head of Casting, Nelvana Ltd.

“John worked closely with all the children and… their performances improved with each episode due to his constant observation and good communication skills. He made the job fun to go to each time but he was not afraid to give kind, honest appraisal of any weakness in the performance to help them improve. He would also happily praise the good qualities of their voice work, encouraging them always. He brings out the best in everyone!”
– Joyce Stemkowsky, Parent.

“Many thanks for your splendid contribution to Animated Tales of the World. Without your considerable expertise I’m sure the recording would not have run as smoothly as it did. You got the best out of the actors and the tape’s there to prove it. Chris Grace, the Executive Producer of the Series, has heard it and he is thrilled with it. You have delivered some fine performances”
– Martin Lamb, Script and Series Editor, Right Angle Productions, Wales, U.K..

“I don’t often do this, but I wanted to send this ‘unsolicited recommendation’ for John Stocker, based on his excellent service on recent Nelvana productions. People often approach me for a recommendation, but this is the first time I’ve wanted to reach out and truly commend a service provider’s performance. John was part of every solution. All tight deadlines were met and all unforeseen problems were resolved by the record crew, with John heading as Voice Director. He went way beyond his job to accomplish what needed to be done. And the passion with which he directed each actor remained undiminished: considering some sessions were over 10 hour days! [I] offer this letter to anyone curious about his integrity and devotion.”
– Edmond Chan, Casting Administrator, Nelvana Ltd.

“John has the unique skill of combining compassion with professionalism. I am always thankful for John’s humanity because he recognizes that he must be a teacher, friend and boss. Working with children in the business can be challenging, but John has the sensitivity coupled with an innate understanding of children. I am truly appreciative that Alex has had the opportunity to work with John because he is a fantastic role model. John is extremely hard working but is always positive. The feedback that John tells me regarding Alex’s behavior and performance is always constructive. If he has a criticism, it is always structured in a kind and helpful manner. Alex adores John’s honesty. John also has a great sense of humor; his perceptions are insightful and intelligent.”
– Angie Silverstein, parent, Head of drama at The Bishop Strachan School.

“John’s vast experience in voice talent on many animation series… is… a tremendous advantage in executing the job of voice director. John would be a valuable addition to any production that he would work on and I recommend him highly.”
– Lesley Taylor, Producer, CINAR.

“This was my son’s (who just turned eight)… introduction to voice work. Over the course of the last few months he has grown and become so much stronger and more confident while taping, due to all of John’s advice and suggestions, as well as… his coaching. He makes it a wonderful time for all, including the parents. He is a pro in his field and it is a privilege to work with him.”
– Robyn and Howard Beale, Parents.