Voice Directing

Voice Directing Toronto John Stocker

As an experienced voice performer, John has a unique advantage as a voice director. Knowing what an actor might expect, experience, or fear in the record booth, allows him to empathize with any issues that may emerge. He applies this first-hand perspective to suit…

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Voice Performing

Voice Performing Toronto John Stocker

John has been a part of the Toronto entertainment scene for many years, working as a voice performer in commercials, narrations, radio drama, video games and his number one love, animation. From “Beastly” in Care Bears, to “Basil” in Babar, through to Beyblade, Bakugan…

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Casting Toronto

When you’re working in Toronto, John can provide you with voice casting, usually at reduced studio rates, for both union and non-union productions. Because he has a large voice demo library, reference material on performers whom he’s auditioned or with whom…

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Voice Teaching

Voice Teaching Toronto

John teaches with passion, the same way that he learned; for him, the only way to give or acquire knowledge. Add to this his vast experience in the industry, and the result is a teacher who is customarily analytical, sometimes critical, but always encouraging…

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